Vintage Series
4-1/2lb   (2.04Kg)
10-1/8" (25.71cm) diameter, 4-7/8" (12.38cm) deep (no cover), 5-1/4" (13.33cm) deep (with cover).
For late 50's and early 60's amps (Bassman, Concert, etc.) using AlNiCo 10's. Replacement for Chicago Jensen P10Q in all Fender applications.
10", 11oz AlNiCo plug magnet, 30 watt, 1-1/4" voice coil, seamed cone.
Bright, punchy, later/smooth breakup, aggressive, articulate, compressed/fattened at high volume.
The favorite for late 50's tweed amps such as Super, Bandmaster, Bassman, etc.

Here's a clip of Josh Nelms playing through a Tungsten Bandmaster (T-35) w/3 10A125's.

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